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“El Yunque tours, Twilight El yunque Nature Walk Adventure”

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El Yunque Tours, Guided Nature Walks & Hiking Tours into the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.

Did you know that about 60% of the El Yunque rainforest inhabitants are nocturnal, (Only out at night) and are very seldom seen during the daytime? Due to strict forestry park hours all El Yunque Tours and guests visiting the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico must be out of the forest no later than 6:00pm!

As of 2014 Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. has been granted a permit that will allow us to take “One Group” each evening to see a side of the El Yunque rainforest that few have ever seen, heard or smelled and trust me it is an experience not to be missed!  Imagine entering the forest just about one hour before the sunsets and via a guided El Yunque tours learning about its daytime flora & fauna, walking along a manmade & natural trail that winds its way through the El Yunque rainforest to a wild & scenic river better known as the Mameyes.

Now if weather conditions permit we will be able to take a dip in one of the El Yunque’s finest natural swimming holes, “Las Damas” pool (The Ladies pool) or just relax around the river banks and listen to the rushing water through the rocks!  After about thirty minutes its time to start our walk back out and no more perfect time than “Twilight”!

All diurnal animals (active during daylight hours) are preparing to rest, while the nocturnal animals (active during nighttime hours) are starting to come to life, first we notice the cooling of the air, the dew points rise, sounds become much more intense, new smells fill the air as night prepares to fall!  The only endemic mammal to the island of Puerto Rico the Bat takes flight, sounds of the Puerto Rican Screech Owl are heard in the distance, insects are seen and heard, tree frogs of seventeen species start calling out to mates, aquatic life become more present as the El Yunque awakes!  Come and enjoy the El Yunque rainforest while its asleep, then leave as it awakes!


Angelito is a trail packed with wildlife, mouths, butterflies, walking sticks, coquis (tree frogs) and an abundance of bird life in the canopy!

TNW Page Photo JPG-01Angelito trail is also blessed with one of the finest natural swimming holes in all to the El Yunque forest!  Great for cooling off, taking a swim, or sitting shoreside and enjoying the native fish known as the Dajao.  Guides can show you the local paint rocks and if you choose have native art painted onto your face, shoulders and arms while you dip your feet into the Rio Mameyes!

TNW Page Photo JPG-02

Activity Details:

Tour Rate:

  • El Yunque Tours rate pp – $57.75 (without transportation) state tax and gate fees included.
  • El Yunque Tours rate pp – $80.75 (with transportation) state tax and gate fees included.

Tour Time Frame:

3:30pm – Meeting Time at Angelito’s Trail Head

3:30pm to 4:00pm – Group safety & pre walk orientation, equipment dispersal (backpacks, towels, snacks and water)

4:00pm to 6:00pm – Tour duration- Walk through Angelitos Trail with guides interpretation of natural areas, flora, fauna, history. Break at Las Damas Pool to enjoy snacks and swimming, weather permitting.  Return to Angeltios Trailhead entrance. Return of backpacks and towels.

6:10pm – Activity completion.

Enchanted Island Eco Tours Supplies the following:

  • Two Certified guides per 20 guests.
  • First Aid kits and radio communications.
  • Lightweight canvas backpack (one per guest).
  • Fresh clean towel (one per guest).
  • Red head lamps and marker lights as needed – (one per guest).

Suggested Apparel:

  • T-shirts lightweight jackets, shorts and swimming apparel.  (Change of dry clothes).
  • Shoes – Walking boots, high top shoes or hiking boots.

(Please be informed that a change of shoes may be needed, this is a nature walk along natural trails mud and water may be encountered during this walk).

Things to Bring:

  • Plastic bag or bag for your wet or muddy items.
  • Slip on water shoes for the wade into the waterfall do to the amount of rocks in this area.

Things to Leave Behind:

  • Jewelry, watches, bracelets, wallets anything you do not want to loose.
  • No radios, walkmans, noise – makers (anything that may disturb the surrounding environment).
  • No smoking or fire of any kind will be permitted.
  • No alcohol or consumption of alcohol during said activity.

Requirements to Participate

  • Minimum 6 years of age.
  • This activity is not suggested for people that have had open heart surgery, back problems, knee surgery or ladies pregnant at any time in their term do to the risk of falling.


  • This tour is offer Tuesday through Saturday see confirmation for meeting times.

 For groups Please call for availability based on the day that you would like to go.

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