El Yunque Tours in the Rainforest

el yunque tours el yunque toursWelcome to our El Yunque Tours in Puerto Rico! Our guided hike in the rainforest is the best in Puerto Rico! On this page, you can view the full tour activity description, requirements to participate, what to bring on your rainforest tours & what to leave behind, along with any other details you may need for your trip. Once you have decided to book the El Yunque Tours, please click the “Book It” link and follow the instructions! Hope to see you soon!




For a step by step El Yunque tours description, scroll down!

El Yunque Tours time:                           9:30 am
(This tour is offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – activity code – ETPR-RFNW)

El Yunque Tours check in time:             9:15 am

All family members welcome – minimum age to participate is 6 and older.  (Children ages 6-17 must be accompanied by an adult)*

  • El Yunque Tours rate pp – $57.75 (without transportation) state tax and gate fees included.
  • El Yunque Tours rate pp – $80.75 (with transportation) state tax and gate fees included.
  • For group rates please contact our booking office via email at info@ecotourspuertorico.com or via phone at 787-888-2887!
    • *Our El Yunque tours are not suggested for people that have had back problems or knee surgery. Ladies six months & further along in their pregnancy are not allowed due to safety concerns.  This rainforest tour is not suggested for people with any heart conditions, open heart surgeries, heart murmurs, taking high blood pressure medication, asthmatic, diabetic or has had recent surgeries that may make it difficult to hike at high elevations, hike up and down trails, or staircases for up to two hours.

If you are traveling to visit Puerto Rico in the future and would like to book the El Yunque Tours, click the “Book it” button now. If you have questions please contact us via e-mail @ info@ecotourspuertorico.com or via phone at 787-888-2887.

Names and ages of the people in your group

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Activity code – (ETPR-RFNW)

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Once booked, we will send you a confirmation and you’re ready for your El Yunque Tours in the rainforest!


“Rainforest Nature Walk to Waterfall Adventure”

Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest and its hiking trail systems are very user friendly with plenty of signage and routing info so any one can enjoy the rainforest on their own. However, having a knowledgeable guide during your El Yunque Tour to show you where mother nature and its wonders hide is worth the extra effort on your visit!

Your day will start with a relaxing ride to the top of the tropical rainforest El Yunque! After viewing the natural wonders from the bus or your rental car, you will arrive at our drop point where the Enchanted Island Eco Tours guides will start your adventure into the interior of the rain forest. The El Yunque tours nature hike will start by meeting your two guides (CPR and First Aid certified), and here the group will receive pre-hike orientation of the hiking that they are about to embark on. After our orientation, the group will sign waiver releases and receive a lightweight backpack with the following inside:

  • One canvas backpack per guest, Swiss Gear.
  • One clean dry towel.
  • Snack package with cold bottle of water (water bottle sealed).

(Backpacks, towels must be returned at the end of the tour).

At this point we will start our hike along a natural rainforest trail as we hike into the El Yunque and leave the world behind. The cool fresh air will take over your senses and the sights and sounds of the wind and water will relax your mind. Your guide will be giving interpretation of the natural area and its flora & fauna along the hike covering the following:

  • Annual amounts of rainfall.
  • Hurricanes in Puerto Rico and their role in the rainforest.
  • Tree and plant life and their existence in the rainforest.
  • Birds, spiders, insects and small mammals that may be seen in the rainforest.
  • The aquatic life in the rivers and waterfalls of El Yunque.
  • Elevations and temperatures.
  • History behind the rainforest of Puerto Rico.

As the hike progresses, we will see and hear many beautiful sights and sounds, such as a crystal clear river that flows through the rocks and trees along the hiking trail. Once we have reached our break point at a fabulous El Yunque waterfall called La Mina falls, the group will stop and have the opportunity to relax under the majestic canopy of the rainforest as they enjoy snacks and cold water supplied in their backpacks. Here your guides will give you the opportunity to sit in on commentary about La Mina waterfall held shore side, feel the cooling mist, enjoy photo time to gather your great shots, or just relax to sounds of rushing water passing through the rocks!

After our 30-minute break has ended, our group will start their return hike through the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forestry system and our natural wonder better known as El Yunque National forest!

El Yunque Tours Include the Following:

  • Two CPR, First Aid certified guides per 25 guests.
  • First Aid equipment and radio communications.
  • Lightweight canvas backpack (one per guest).
  • Clean dry towel (one per guest).
  • Interpretation of the flora and fauna of El Yunque as well as the history of the Puerto Rican rainforest.
  • 8oz. cold water bottle and pre-packaged snack. – (Assorted cereal bars). One bottle and snack package per-guest supplied in backpack.

Requirements to Participate:

  • No – Children under 6. 6 through 17 with adult supervision.
  • No – Alcohol or consumption of alcohol during the tour.
  • No – Smoking on or during tour or within the El Yunque rainforest.
  • This activity is not suggested for people that have had back problems or knee surgery.
  • Semi-Athletic activity (guest, must be semi-athletic to be active in this program).

What To Bring & What to Leave Behind:

To bring:

  • Lightweight clothing and a change of dry clothes for the ride back to the hotel, as it is a “RAINFOREST” it could rain during the tour.
  • If you sun burn easily, wear lightweight clothing white in color, long sleeves to help protect from the sun.
  • Towel/Towels as needed to dry off once back from the tour.
  • Light weight hiking shoes, hiking boots, sandals or strap-on water shoes which work great at the rocky entry into the waterfall.
  • Hats, sunglasses as needed to protect you against the sun!
  • Sun screen 50 SPF plus.
  • Waterproof cameras, cameras (Bring at your own risk).

Leave behind: The following are only suggestions!

  • Digital cameras or video if not waterproof, it does rain regularly.
  • Paper documentation important to your vacation, passports, boarding passes, birth certificates or any others that you do not want to get wet.
  • Large sums of money, expensive or important jewelry, any thing that is looped, loose or dangling.
  • Anything that you would not want to lose, leave behind in a rental car or aboard tour bus.

If you choose to bring items not recommended, we will not be held responsible for any items you choose to take!

See our Cancellation Policy here.

Thank you, for choosing Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. for your Nature & Adventure, Eco Tour needs. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us! Office 787-888-2887 or Via E-mail: info@ecotourspuertorico.com.

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