Bio Bay Kayak Tour Puerto Rico, see the Glowing Waters!


Laguna Grande’s Current Condition as of 09/2017 are still unstable, weather is still playing a large roll in the day to day out come of Laguna Grande’s bioluminescence! My Current Glow Rating is 5 or Good as of 09/11/2017! Looking for an Optional Night Tour? Join Us for a Night Walk through the El Yunque Rainforest, see and hear its night life! Love Firefly’s, come see Puerto Rico’s “Cucubano” Glowing in our rainforest nightly! Check Twilight Nature Walk for more details!

MUST SEE VIDEO, please take 5 minutes before making your choice to book this tour and watch our video presented by Enchanted Island Eco Tours owner/operator Michael Grasso.  Click on Facebook in our Social Media bar and view video titled “Laguna Grande Update 11/2015” this will explain what has happened to the bioluminescence and how it will recover and help set your expectations!

Facebook Link: Must See Video on Laguna Grande’s Bioluminescent Conditions!                   

Special Note – (Minimum Age to Participate is 6 years or Older, This Is Law!)

Don’t let the day end when the sun goes down! We offer a guided bio bay kayak tours at sunset.  Let our guides lead you through a mystical channel surrounded by mangrove forest into the fascinating “Laguna Grande” of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Under the blanket of the night sky & the historical lighthouse, you can touch the water that glows with bioluminescent organisms!

Start your bio bay kayak tour with botanical insect repellent a full kayak 101 safety orientation, lifejacket fitting, navigation lights, group photos, then its off to the water!  Our Bio Bay kayak tour Puerto Rico is three hours start to finish.  Forty-five minutes of prep and safety orientation, two hours in water roundtrip, ten to fifteen minutes back on shore for snacks, water and closing comments with the owner!  The glowing waters in Puerto Rico are considered to be the finest in the world, and by many of our guests the finest guided kayaking tour they have experienced!

Our Puerto Rico kayak night tours are best experienced during the darkest nights.  Enjoy the best bioluminescent effect during the following moon phases. If your Puerto Rico Vacation falls within the following moon phases, New –  Waning Crescent – Third Quarter you will have the best viewing of the glowing waters in Puerto Rico!
Bio Bay Moon Calendar:  Check what the moon phases are during your visit to Fajardo, Puerto Rico?

If your Puerto Rico vacation happen to fall during the following moon phases, Third Quarter, Waning Gibbous, Full moon.  We offer a “Full Moon Eco Kayak Adventure” don’t miss nature under the moonlight!  

Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak AdventurePer-Person rate – $72.13 (without transportation) state tax and use fees included.

Per-Person rate – $92.13 (with transportation) state tax and use fees included.

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