Puerto Rico Night Kayaking, See The Glowing Waters!

kayaking2 copyWelcome to “Tour Description & Bookings” on this page you can view full activity description which includes detailed information on our “Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure”!  Requirements to Participate, Minimum & Maximum to Operate, What to Bring & What to leave Behind.  Once you have made your choice on Puerto Rico night kayaking tour and you are interested in confirming a reservation please scroll to the bottom of the page to “Book It” and follow the instructions! Hope to See You Soon!


Laguna Grande’s Current Condition as of 09/2017 are still unstable, weather is still playing a large roll in the day to day out come of Laguna Grande’s bioluminescence! My Current Glow Rating is 5 or Good as of 09/11/2017! Looking for an Optional Night Tour? Join Us for a Night Walk through the El Yunque Rainforest, see and hear its night life! Love Firefly’s, come see Puerto Rico’s “Cucubano” Glowing in our rainforest nightly! Check Twilight Nature Walk for more details!


MUST SEE VIDEO, please take 5 minutes before making your choice to book this tour and watch our video presented by Enchanted Island Eco Tours owner/operator Michael Grasso. Click on Facebook in our Social Media bar and view video titled “Laguna Grande Update 11/2015” this will explain what has happened to the bioluminescence and how it will recover and help set your expectations!

Facebook See Video on Laguna Grande’s Bioluminescent Conditions

Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure!

“Once In a Life Time Experience”

“Sunset & Puerto Rico Night Kayaking”


“The Best of the Northeast”

“Guided Kayak Eco Tour”

Activity Code: “ETPR-BLKA”

Special Note – (Minimum Age to Participate is 6 years or Older, This Is Law!)

“View” Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure Overview! Presented by Enchanted Island Eco Tours Owner Michael Grasso Jr.  Thanks for Viewing!

“Bioluminescence Lagoon Kayak Adventure”

Tour includes double kayaks, lifejackets, refreshments and two to three guides depending on group size. Don’t let your day end when the sun goes down! We offer relaxing kayak tours at sunset that lead to the fascinating Laguna Grande in the town of Fajardo located on the Northeast corner of the island! Under a blanket of the night sky and the historical lighthouse of Fajardo, you can touch the waters that glow with Bioluminescent Organisms!

“Responsible Marketing”

Special Notes, Please Read! That as of April, 2007 “No Swimming” is permitted in Laguna Grande under Reglament 8013 of the Department of Natural Resources. Also note that since November, 2007 the Department of Natural Resources has appointed nine licensed outfitters for kayak tours within Laguna Grande. All hold different nightly total for guest capacity, with this said the area is saturated, it would be advised that if your vacation plans allow it, it is best to book Monday through Thursday as traffic in the area is less.

Friday & Saturday are packed, although the adventure is still wonderful be prepared to deal with large groups of people as well as local traffic in the area.

The activity will start at sunset in the small fishing village of Las Croabas, here you will meet the friendly guides of Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. kayak adventure team. They will be set-up with all needed gear which will include, Double kayaks, Backrest, Paddles with leashes, PFD’s (Lifejackets) and two to three Kayak Guides with all needed safety equipment, lights and refreshments. The activity will start with botanical insect repellent, waiver orientation and signing. Then the lead Guide will give each group a complete kayak “101 Safety” training, which will cover all aspects of the tour and the operation of their kayaks then guides will start lifejacket and light disbursement!

At this point our tour will start, your group will be lead across a small fisherman’s harbor to the entrance of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve here they will enter a mystical channel that leads to a peaceful place where the mangroves create natural tunnels and the sights and sounds of wildlife surround you! After a 25 to 30 minute paddle through the channel, based on traffic and tidal currents your lead guide will be stopping once in the lagoon to give commentary on the following points of interest:

  • Mangrove forest and the different species.
  • Bird life that inhabits the area.
  • Aquatic marine life that uses the lagoon as an estuary.
  • Information on the Bioluminescence organism.
  • History on the lighthouse.
  • Insight on seven of eight ecosystems found in the area.

At this point we will enter the lagoon called Laguna Grande, (large Lagoon) here we will paddle along the edge of the mangrove forest as we watch the stroke of each paddle light up a bioluminescent blue-green/white-green and encounter fish that look like shooting stars as they swim through the thick concentration of “Pyrodinium Bahamense” a species of “Dinoflagellate”!

This will lead the group to our break point where beautiful views of the Rainforest and the lighthouse of Fajardo accompany interpretation of the natural area and good conversations. Now we are about 1 hour into our tour, interpretation of the natural area has ended and our group is now in route to “Bird Island” to view many birds that roust here at night! Once quietly rounding the small island we will start our return to the departure site, this will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Tour duration is 1:45 – 2:00 hours in water with 45 minutes of pre-bus and waiver orientation – pre-ride (kayak – 101) safety training and fifteen minutes once back on shore for snacks, cold water and closing comments for a total of 3 hours.

Tour includes the Following:

  • All needed kayaks (Doubles) (U.S. Cost Guard Safety Inspected annually)
  • Backrests, Paddles and leashes.
  • Lifejackets (PFD’s), (U.S. Cost Guard Inspected).
  • Two to three CPR, First Aid & Navigation Certified Guides per-twenty-four – (24) Guests Max Group Size.
  • Number of guides may very based on group size, minimum number of guides with each group is two!
  • All needed safety equipment.
  • All required navigation lights as required by the U.S. Coast Guard & lifejacket marker lights.
  • Commentary of the surrounding area and its Flora and Fauna.
  • Snacks – Assorted cereal bars, nuts & banana chips, cold bottled water.

Requirements to Participate:

  • No – children under six, six through 17 with adult supervision.
  • No- Alcohol or consumption of alcohol during said tour, any one under the influence may be removed from the tour.
  • Combined weight not to exceed 450 pounds.

This tour is not suggested for Ladies six months & further along in their pregnancy term, people with any heart conditions, open heart surgeries, heart murmurs, taking high blood pressure medication, asthmatic, diabetic or has had any recent surgeries that may make it difficult to be seated in a tight position for up to two hours. This tour is not suggested for those who have fear of the water and the dark.

What To Bring & What to Leave Behind:

To Bring:

  • Lightweight clothing as you may get wet a change of dry cloths for the ride back to the hotel.
  • Towel/Towels as needed to dry off once back from the tour.
  • Light Weight sandals or strap-on water shoes, something you do not mind getting wet in.
  • Waterproof Cameras, cameras (Bring at your own Risk).

Leave Behind: Note that the following are only suggestions!

  • Digital Cameras or video if not waterproof, phones, iPads, iPods that can be lost or damaged.
  • Paper documentation important to you vacation, passports, boarding passes, birth certificates or any others that you do not want to get wet or loose.
  • Large sums of money, expensive or important jewelry, any thing that fits looped, loose and dangling.
  • Anything that you would not want to loose, leave behind in a rental car or aboard said tour bus.
  • Please notice, if you choose to bring any of the above along we will not be held responsible for any said items you choose to take over and above or suggestions.

Must Read – Special Notes:

All tour areas are offered  in Natural Environments and these ecosystems can reflect different conditions based on the time of the year!  Knowing what to expect once in these Natural Environments will help you be better prepared for their seasonal changes!  Joining Us for our Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure?  If yes, be ready to Get Wet as it is a Kayak Tour!  We suggest that you wear lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants that you do not mind getting wet in, along with wearing some type of water shoes.  The launch area is a natural shoreline that has rock, shell, coral and the unfortunate bottle tops, broken glass that have been left behind by unconcerned visitors.  Wearing these items will insure that you avoid cutting your feet on natural or manmade sharp objects.

Mosquitos, No-See-Ums, Midgies, Sand Flies, Punkies are natures biting insects!  So being properly dressed will help prevent theses biting insects and help in cutting back on  the use of Harsh Repellents that contain Deet, that not only are bad for Your Health but very Hard on the Environment!  These insects are present in the coastal wetlands of Puerto Rico, their numbers will fluctuate based on the time of the year and current weather conditions!  Peak Season for these insects is June through October and depending on the amount of rain during May, will reflect number of insects during peak season.  Current conditions while at tour location can help or encourage these insects.  So if the wind is mild this will help keep the insects down, when its dry and hot over good period of time these insects will not be as numerous!  But if it is damp and still they can be out in large swarms!  Be Ready, come with the right clothing and shoes, if you are an insect magnet you should come with the repellent that works for you, we offer Botanical or All Natural repellents at the tour site!  November through May are normally the best months for minimal insects, but again the environment changes daily based on weather patterns, So Be Ready – Before You Go!

Nighttime & The Water, in and around the water at night you can always count that the temperature will be some what cooler, if you are cold natured having a lightweight windbreaker or rain gear may help in keeping you warm and dry!


This tour is offered Tuesday through Saturday with advanced bookings.

  • (October through March) – 1st group at site time of 5:15 PM, 2nd group at site 7:15 PM
  • (April through September) – 1st group at site time of 5:45 PM, 2nd group at site 7:45 PM
  • Special runs are available for groups, with advanced bookings
  • All Activities/

Tour Rates:

  • Per-Person rate – $72.13 (without transportation) state tax and use fees included.
  • Per-Person rate – $92.13 (with transportation) state tax and use fees included.

Group Rates:  If your group is larger than 10, please request our group discount when making your booking!  Groups of 10 or more will receive a $5.00 discount per-person! 

“Making A Booking”

If you would like to make a booking and are traveling to PR in the months/weeks to come, click the “Book it” button below!  Our office will be in contact via e-mail to assist you with your dates, weather, availability of seats, transportation, maps to said tour site if renting a car etc. Please, include the following info:

  • Your Info – The name that the booking will be made under, an email address that we can forward your tour info to, names of others that are going on this tour, cell phone number to be used to contact you once on the island if cancellations or changes due to weather occur.
  • Activity Code – for this tour is (ETPR-KBLA) this will allow us to know the activity you are interested in!
  • Your Travel Dates – and the dates you would like to book for this tour.
  • Hotel you are staying at – this will help us with time frames to and from the tour site along with arranging transportation for you if needed.
  • Will you need transportation? If so we can arrange round trip transportation picking you up at your hotel and returning you back after the tour. If your planning to rent a car we can provide you with a map and contact info to help in locating the said tour site. “Please explain your needs”
  • Number of Persons/children in your group – this will assist us in gaining you better rates for groups of ten plus, and send you needed info if you are planning your trip with children, note that our minimum age to participate is six years and above set by law!

Sending you your booking confirmation – this will allow you a peace of mind that your booking is confirmed with us and allow you to print it out and provide it to our guides at the tour site, this will also include reminders about things to bring & things to leave behind along with phone numbers to contact us if you need additional info once in PR!

Be sure to check what the Moon Phases are during your visit!

“Moon Phases Calendar”  

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Thank you, for choosing Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. for your Nature & Adventure, Eco Tour needs. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us!

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